Pokemon Roleplay

Pokemon Roleplay!

Welcome to Pokemon Roleplay! Here you can rp as a trainer or a pokemon, trainers can catch other peoples pokemon if it is ok with them. 

Please read the Rules before joining! :) 


1. No sexual content.

2. You can only have up to 6 pokemon per trainer.

3. You can only have up to 4 trainers at a time.

4. You can only catch a legendary with a MasterBall.

5. No roleplaying differant color pokemon, you can't have a purple Eevee or a White Arcanines, No exeptions!

6. Please refrain from advertising the links to other sites, and/or spamming the boxes. If someone posts more then 5 posts with no one else posting between them, it will be considered spam, and you will be given a warning.

7. Try not to go overboard with shinies and legendary pokemon, please. Remember, they are rare Pokemon.

8. Only Pokemon and Humans are allowed. No warriors, wolves, nekos, furries, dragons, or anything else are allowed to be roleplayed unless given special permission.

Follow ALL of the rules or you will be given a warning and/or banned from this site. Thank You.


 July 13, 2012 - Anu did some minor adjustments to the site, which include a spelling check over, adding a box to the Quest Areas, and foxing adding a couple rules.

ATTENTION! We are currently searching for Gym leaders and people for the Elite Four. Please contact the site owner (White)  if you are interested!

Gym Leaders: Must have 3-6 Pokemon that all share one type. They can be dual types, such as a Fire  Gym leader can have a Houndoom, even if it's also a dark type. You must tell us the following:


*Name of Character 




*Pokemon (3-6!)


*Specialty (Pokemon types such as: Fire, Water, Rock, etc.)


*What you want the badge of your Gym to be called. (Pick anything, as long as it goes with the type of  Pokemon you use, and it isn't inappropriate. Thanks!


Also, Gym leaders must message me (White) telling me that a trainer has defeated you and won your Gym's badge. You don't always have to let them win. 

Elite Four: Must have 5-6 Pokemon and Pokemon must all share one type! Again, they can be dual types. You must tell us the following:


*Name of Character




*Pokemon (5-6!)


*Specialty (Pokemon types such as: Fire, Water, Rock, etc.)


Elite 4

Elite 4-1: Jean

Elite 4-2: Ace

Elite 4-3: Open

Elite 4-4: Sun

Elite 4 Champion: White

Please message me or any of the admins  if you would like to be one of the Elite 4

All Gym leader and E4s must be active or another will be chosen!


The weather is warm and sunny, the Deerling and Sawsbuck are in their spring forms and are prancing about. The cherry and apple trees are blooming are are as pink as ever. Its Spring.....